Church Mergers

The Art of the Merger Pt. 2

People: Know your audience. I use to teach public speaking, and one of the most significant principles is to know your audience. “The best disciples haven’t been reached yet.” I am personally not interested in fishing in the aquarium. Meaning, I am not motivated by reaching people who are already Christians MORE than those who have no reference to a relationship with Christ.

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The Art of the Merger Pt. 1

This series of posts is the story of how God used this rough around the edges yet experienced bald headed pastor to lead the healing the “over-churched.” Unfortunately, people get hurt by the church and more specifically get hurt by pastors. Pastors are imperfect people just like everyone else, so it’s bound to happen. This type of brokeness at times can cause a church to decline and enter into a state of emergency in regards to its existence.

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