It Hurts:

  • When people say something about you, your family, or your church that isn’t true
  • When someone twist something you said and attacks your character
  • When no one considers all the things you do behind the scenes (explain*)
  • When people leave
  • When someone you’ve invested in walks away from their faith entirely


  • Because hurt people hurt people (stop the cycle… example)
  • This will affect your endurance
  • You will lose your empathy and sympathy 
  • You are also an example of healing
  • To thrive, you need a thick skin yet a tender heart*

A few tips to deal with your wounds (You’re going to have to listen to this again to catch this all):

  1. Admit it hurts
    • You’re not claiming the victim card, but the unnecessary portrayal of tenacity and strength will interfere with your healing
    • The stubborn athlete keep playing and creates more damage
    • VENT UP*
  2. Take ownership 
    • Remain correctible
    • Your anger (along with your pride) can blind you to Godly advice. (Gen. 4)
  3. Take time to develop Wisdom
    • Don’t act like you know better, you just know worse
    • “Don’t turn your venting into declarations”
    • You’re not smart, you’re in pain.
    • Don’t go grocery shopping when you’re hungry, and don’t make decisions when you are angry/hurting
  4. Be aware of your scars
    • It makes the event less of a personal attack and more about two broken people colliding 
  5. Heal to the point where you can find empathy with your enemies
    • This prepares your heart for restoration
    • This keeps you where God wants you (tender, truth based, aware)
    • This gives your healing purpose*

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