“YES” AND “NO” PEOPLE | Too Real S01E02

Principle #1: Vision leaks.
Principle #2: People are the reason it leaks.

Problems with a Culture of Yes People

  • Culture of insecurity and need for leadership approval
  • Creativity belongs to the leader
  • “Thinkers” are penalized
  • Leader goes unchecked
  • Put preferences over principles
  • “Emotional security is the measurement of performance.”

Problems with a Culture of No People

  • They become the “Humble” Police
  • The status quo is over creativity
  • Find their identity in being “tough & tight”
  • Prefer “making sure” over taking risk
  • “Dreamers” are penalized

Solution: Visionary People

  • Their “yes” or “no” is always accompanied with vision!
  • They are not afraid of work. They own their “Yes.”
  • Their “no” isn’t based on “we can’t” but more about “we shouldn’t”
  • They don’t have to be liked to lead
  • They want to know more about the problem. They ask questions.
  • Not afraid of being repetitive reminders of the vision.

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